Ray Fulcher Releases First Album “Spray Painted Line”

Ray Fulcher Spray Painted Line

Ray Fulcher has been working hard in the lead-up to his debut album Spray Painted Line. A noted songwriter, Spray Painted Line is Ray’s first full-fleged album. This has been a long time coming for Ray. “All I’ve ever wanted to do since the night I saw Eric Church play for the first time when I was 19…was to sing and play country music,” Ray says of his inspiration. Since then, he’s been hard at work making his dream come true. He’s written several number one songs, undertaken several tours, and released many singles and EPs. Releasing his own full album is a major stepping stone in his path to superstardom.

Spray Painted Line gets its name from the first line of the first track, “All Gas No Brakes”. Originally released earlier this year, the song compare his love of cars to how he shows his passion when it comes to love. Another single released earlier this year is “Anything Like You Dance”. This track refers to an entrancing woman dancing at a bar and the powers she has to charm. There’s also “Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs”, which stands out on the title alone. This poignant track highlights the love between a father and a son.

There are plenty of new cuts on Spray Painted Line. Some highlights include another track with a standout name in “Bucket List Beers”. This song tackles the rewarding effects of celebrating milestones. “Life Changing Money” deals with a coming of age story about grinding for success, no matter how little or large those successes may be. “If You Like Your Boys Like That” details the qualities Ray possesses and the hopes that his love interest likes those traits.

Ray Fulcher Thanks The Fans

Ray Fulcher shows his appreciation for his fans for sticking by them while he approaches this career landmark:

“To all the fans, listeners, and future listeners of this album…my hope is that you truly take a deep dive in. I hope you find yourself in it, I hope you get lost in it, I hope you heal, I hope you laugh, I hope you call up a long lost friend, I hope you cry if that’s what you need in the moment. I hope you know that every single word is for YOU and was written with you in mind.”

Stream Spray Painted Line below! Make sure to follow Ray Fulcher on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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