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Penned Up week 5

Penned Up keeps rolling out fresh tracks into its fifth week! Matt Stell’s Instagram Live show took place live Wednesday night with its three usuals, Matt, Lindsay Ell, Jameson Rodgers, plus new guest Adam Doleac. Matt’s been keeping busy; when he’s not writing, he’s working on his new motorcycle. He shared a song he wrote called “The Truth Won’t Set You Free”. It’s about coming clean about feelings and hoping that he wouldn’t lose a love interest in the process.

Lindsay has been steadily working closer and closer to finishing her next album. Don’t forget she also has an Instagram Live show that she broadcasts on Tuesdays! Follow her to see when to tune in as the time she goes live can vary! She wrote three different songs this week and had a hard time deciding which to perform for the show. She came to the conclusion that she didn’t like any of them! The song she ended up performing, titled “Busy”, was real cool and had a nice, warm day vibe to it.

Jameson returned this week with what he described as the perfect quarantine song. It’s yet to be titled and still needs some fine tuning, but he anticipates it appearing on his upcoming record. The repeating theme of the song is that he doesn’t want to be close to anything (hence why it’s the perfect quarantine song), save for his love interest. It’s a song about focusing on a relationship and not having anything outside of the relationship interfering.

Adam Doleac joined Matt as his new guest this week, fresh off the release of his new EP Famous. Adam’s in Mississippi at his parents’ house where he’s been writing and recording vocals. He performed “Girls In Country Music”, a song he wrote with the same team he wrote his recent hit “Famous” with. He was inspired to write this song after the question was posed of what would guys write about if there were no women in country music to influence guys to write in the first place. It was his first time actually playing through the song, something that’s come to happen at least once a week on Penned Up!

These musicians work hard week after week to come up with fresh tunes for us country music fans, and we’re ever so grateful that we have these new songs! Make sure to check out the next episode of Penned Up on Matt’s Instagram next Wednesday at 8 PM Central and watch yesterday’s show below!

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