Riding The “High” With Caitlyn Smith

Caitlyn Smith High

Caitlyn Smith has released her latest venture, High. High is a special project for Caitlyn. High is the first album she’s produced by herself. “I was all alone in my studio and couldn’t shake this idea of, ‘What if this next record I just did by myself?’ Caitlyn says of the experience. 

She first released the title track of the album in January. Miley Cyrus initially recorded “High” for her album Plastic Hearts. Caitlyn takes Miley’s edginess and adds the trademark delicate tones that is the trademark Caitlyn Smith sound. She also released “Dreamin’s Free” last week. She paints a vivid picture of idyllic scenes and romantic rendezvouses, then contrasts it by singing about how there’s no necessity to go out and actually see and do those things; all she needs is her love and her dreams

“Nothing Against You” is another standout. “Nothing Against You” radiates her soft yet powerful voice.  The song is gentle in tone yet powerfully conveys a steadfast stance against an ex. “Maybe In Another Life” is a tender lamenting ballad where Caitlyn implements a haunting tone to her voice. “Downtown Baby” is a peppier tune about simple adventures with her love. All eight tracks on High emphasize her dreamy vocals and melodies, lulling anyone who listens into becoming an instant fan.

“In this process I gave myself the space to be messy, to not know what I was doing, to make the mistakes, to be unsure, and just feel my way through it. Through this process, I’ve grown,” Caitlyn said during a preview of High. Her first solo production has been a smashing success, and Caitlyn deserves all the praise for such an effort. Stream High below! Make sure to follow Caitlyn Smith on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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