Robyn Ottolini Preaches Self-Appreciation With “Say It”

Robyn Ottolini Say It

Robyn Ottolini dropped her latest single “Say It” on June 3. In it, she sings about self-affirmation when you don’t get approval from those supposed to mean the most. “Everyone needs a little love from time to time but people don’t always give us what we need. A hard pill to swallow until you realize you can tell yourself what you need to hear,” Robyn writes on her Twitter.

“Say It” features Robyn Ottolini singing about being stuck in a situation where she seeks positive feedback from a partner. This partner’s failing at building her up. Instead, she seeks strength from the self. She wants to encourage others to do the same.

I hate that he messed up my head

When I could’ve used a complimеnt

So I take the s**t I wish he’d said and

Say it to mysеlf, I say it to myself instead

She continues the positive self-talk in the bridge. We all need this reminder when we feel the world weigh heavy on our emotions.

He never said I’m pretty
He never said I’m sweet
Honestly, maybe I never told him just what I need
But you best believe, I’m gonna say it to me
I’m gonna say it to me

“I hope this song helps you speak kindly of yourself today,” continues Robyn in her Tweet. “Say It” spreads the important message of self-love land self-appreciation anyone can use. Stream “Say It” below. Follow Robyn Ottolini on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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