Ryan Griffin Serves Summer Vibes With “Slow Down Sunrise”

Ryan Griffin Slow Down Sunrise

Ryan Griffin has released his latest EP Slow Down Sunrise just in time for summer! This EP contains five of the beachiest tracks ready for fans to listen to seaside. The tracks on Slow Down Sunrise epitomize what Ryan Griffin is about as an artist and a person: laidback and easygoing. “You’ve got to hustle, you’ve got to show up to win, but at the same time, don’t take yourself so seriously,” Ryan says about his philosophy.

Slow Down Sunrise contains the viral TikTok sensation “Salt, Lime, & Tequila”. Ryan wrote it while stuck at home with his young kids as an answer to how he would de-stress. “I said something like, ‘take life with a gain of salt,’ that kind of concept. [Co-writer Ava Suppelsa] goes ‘lime’ and [co-writer Jason Massey] goes ‘tequila’ and we laugh and go ‘oh that’s so funny…wait a second,’” Ryan says on the process of writing the song.

The titular track of the EP is a dreamy song about wanting a night with a partner to last as long as possible. It’s a love ballad with an upbeat vibe making for a catchy twist. “Summer On It” was made to be played on the beach or by the poolside. With tons of imagery typical of summer atmosphere, it’s a perfect song to jam out to once the weather gets warmer outside.

“Beer Like That” is a love note to the comfort and relief a cold one can provide. “Closing Time” shows the dedication he has to his love interest, with his love available 24/7. “The coolest part about this record was I kind of got to tap into a different side of me…and try to take the listener on a journey down to the islands, down to the keys and the beach,” Ryan continues.

Ryan has taken listeners on a dreamy trip down to the beach! Stream Slow Down Sunrise below. Make sure to follow Ryan Griffin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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