Sammy Arriaga Takes Listeners On A Ride In A “Chevy Bel Air”

Sammy Arriaga Chevy Bel Air

Sammy Arriaga has shared his latest single “Chevy Bel Air” on June 24. It’s an easy, beachy song about how love feels even better when compared with a classic ride. A Miami native, Sammy Arriaga brings the sounds of his home streets in his music. Sammy intertwines his Cuban heritage into his music, creating a unique Latin-country mashup sending earworms to those who will surely become new fans. That Cuban influence shows up also in his lyrics, “Yeah, you’re making Havana feel like I’m in heaven” stands out. Check out more of the lyrics:

Baby I’ve got it in drive

You’ve got your hands in the air

Taking this love for a ride

Feels like we’re going somewhere

Lost in the heat of thе night

Ocean breeze, pulling your hair

Baby we feel so alivе

In this old Chevy Bel Air

Shortly after the release of “Chevy Bel Air”, Sammy shared a TikTok with the caption “A label told me this song was too Latin for country music,” with the first thirty seconds of the track playing in the background. Whatever label said that is dead wrong. There’s nothing wrong with putting any sort of twist on country, and Sammy spins his twist in ways that are making waves with fans. He’s amassing thousands upon thousands of fans with these standout sounds. He has over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 400,000 followers on TikTok. Those numbers are growing by the day!

“Comment below and let’s prove [the label] wrong,” continues the caption on the aforementioned TikTok post. We definitely recommend you do that! Stream “Chevy Bel Air” below. Make sure to follow Sammy Arriaga on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

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