Sarah Darling Keeps Steamrolling 2022 With “Hungover”

Sarah Darling Hungover

Iowa native Sarah Darling has been steadily releasing single after single in 2022 with her latest release “Hungover”. “Hungover” is her third single to drop this year. She’s already released “Pretender” and “Song Still Gets Me”, and she’s planning on compiling these singles to one EP towards the end of April.

Written in Los Angeles, Sarah states, “I get a healing, upbeat vibe from the L.A. sunshine.” She also notes that she’s been influenced by her co-writers on “Hungover”. “Combine that with the dynamic Latin influence that these talented musicians brought to our co-write, and the result is a feeling that the pain and disorientation of the break-up – as bad or worse than what you might get from a night of drinking – will pass,” continues Sarah.

“Hungover” starts off with some Latin influenced guitar. As the song continues, she introduces a poppy sound intertwined with country twang. Her silky voice pairs well with the lamenting nature of her words. The regretting tone of her sorrow rings through strongly in the second verse.

Heartbreak’s got me sipping from a solo

Cloud nine, broke and left me laying so low

All of the time we spent

It takes time to forget

Times two for you, I’m missing, right now

Sarah draws inspiration from working in several locations. Her influence stretches across the pond: her album Wonderland reached #1 on the UK country charts! We look forward to what this new EP entails. Follow Sarah Darling on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter for more updates. And make sure to check out the music video below! The black and white scenery is stunning!

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