Sarah Darling Shares Tender NEW EP Darling

Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling has released her latest EP Darling on May 20. She’s excited to share the growth she’s embarked on throughout her life. Darling is a big journey, and Sarah wants to take fans along for the ride. “When I listen to the Darling EP, I hear a grown-up version of me. I feel like someone who’s let go and allowed myself to share some messy emotions. It sounds like freedom and takes me back to those first records that influenced me as a kid,” says Sarah.

“Waves” alludes to the ebbs and flows of the ocean as similar to her relationship and where she stands with her partner. “Song Still Gets Me” is a delicate track dedicated to reminiscing about when love was strong with her former partner. “Pretender” packs more of a punch. The “pretender” mentioned is a love interest bent on playing games with her heart. “Hungover” highlights her smoky and crisp vocals. She laments over her regret on how the end of her relationship played out.

“Get To Me” is the perfect bow at the end of the EP. This track seriously rocks. She sings about the lingering presence someone has in her life once they exit it. She hopes this feeling resonates with listeners. Letting go of someone can be the hardest thing you ever do, and it doesn’t happen in a straight line. You can say you’re over someone, travel the world, distract yourself, and that someone still finds a way to get inside your head, “says Sarah.

As Sarah Darling’s career burgeons, she takes more and more pride in the work she puts out. “I love who I’ve become through this body of work, and it’s helped heal some wounds,” Sarah adds. Stream Darling below. Make sure to follow Sarah Darling on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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