Seaforth Charges On Independently With “Get The Girl”

Seaforth Get The Girl

After parting from their label Sony Nashville, Aussie duo Seaforth dropped their first independent release on June 16 with “Get The Girl”. “Get The Girl” is Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson‘s first foray into how they want to steer their career going forward. Named after the suburb of Sydney they hail from, Seaforth announced their departure from Sony Nashville at the end of May. They shared their excitement with what was to come next, which included a TikTok of them standing in front of an electric billboard advertising “Get The Girl”.


overwhelmed at the response so far. The fellas are v happy if you can’t tell. #newmusic #billboard #independent

♬ Get The Girl – Seaforth

“Get The Girl” reflects on not chasing the one that got away. The duo lament on what they lost and the pains one goes through when the desire to win her back is too strong. Tom and Mitch harmonize warmly, emboldening feelings of loneliness when The One walks out. “We have the kind of partnership where we both have our own personas, and we meet in the middle,” Mitch says of their working relationship. “The ship wouldn’t sail without both of us.”

But what do you do when she walks in the room
And you seeing what she’s in
And it’s thrown in your face that you made a mistake
And your reasons for leaving, leave you
Standing there lookin’ like a damn fool
Thinking damn, who would let go of someone like that?
Yeah, they tell you how to get the girl
But they don’t tell you how to get the girl back

Now that they’re out on their own, it is exciting to see where Seaforth will go next and how freeing parting from Sony Nashville will end up being. Stream “Get The Girl” below. Make sure to follow Seaforth on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. There’s even more stuff on their website!

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