Shawn Austin Debuts First EP “Planes Don’t Wait”

Shawn Austin Planes Don't Wait

Vancouver native Shawn Austin released his first EP Planes Don’t Wait on June 29.  He was nominated for the Canadian Country Music Awards’ Rising Star prize, and his star is only rising from there. He has a lot to share, and it was hard for him to whittle down the massive amount of tracks he wanted to share on this debut. “There are more songs that I recorded in the last 18 months that will probably never see the light of day than I’ve ever done. But it’s nice because it’s created this really cohesive EP that I think dictates where I am right now as an artist and as a person,” Shawn says of this debut.

Already released last year is his track with Chris Lane, “Tailgate To Heaven”. It’s a smash in his native Canada, reaching the fifth position on the country charts. In addition, the fan favorite “Get You” and the titular track “Planes Don’t Wait”, saw a release last year and are now featured on this EP. 

Shawn Austin has other tracks he wants to share with fans. “Somewhere in Austin” postulates on a long-distance love. He sings about longing for this love and how he won’t be able to get her off his mind. His track “Slip” totally rocks. It’s about losing yourself in a moment of passion. “Talk Of The Town” has a fun and upbeat melody to it. He sings about flaunting his love in a small town without care to what others in their small town think about it. “Over Here” has a chill and laidback vibe. Its vibe hides the lament he faces over the end of a relationship.

Both Planes And Success Take Off For Shawn Austin!

Shawn Austin and his music give off such a vibe that it will be easy for him to make fans down here in the states. He’s ready to aim higher further on down the line. “This is setting the bar higher I think, at least that’s what I’m putting on myself, to show where we’re going next,” he says of his hopes for the future. Stream Planes Don’t Wait below. Make sure to follow Shawn Austin on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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