Six Chapters, Six Journeys Comprise The New Album From Spencer Crandall, “Western”

Spencer Crandall Western

Spencer Crandall dropped his latest album Western on October 21. With a whopping 20 tracks, Spencer Crandall has a lot to say with his album. He’s doing something pretty unique with Western. It’s split up into six different “chapters” as he puts it. “I think every great album should answer the questions: ‘Where are you from?” ‘Where are you now?’ and ‘Where are you going?’ … and I believe I have done just that with Western,” Spencer says on the lead-up to the album’s release. “Although [Western] is my authentic storytelling and my stories, I believe it’s everyone’s stories. We all have a western journey. We all have a hero’s journey that we need to go on. We all have a dream and a version of a life well-lived in our heads.“

A Wonderful Start To Western

The songs off the first chapter, Scorpion, feature themes on being the best you can be. Standout track “K[no]w Better “exemplifies this perfectly. Already released in July, “K[no]w Better” cleverly depicts doing the opposite of what you know better when faced in sticky predicaments. “Get Away From Me” has Spencer singing about trying to escape the thoughts and feelings weighing him down. Chapter two, Mustang, embodies the horse it’s named after, encapsulating the feeling of freedom. The track “Didn’t Do” epitomizes that feeling well. It tackles overcoming regret and the fears associated with regret weighing down one’s conscious. “The Ballad Of The Mustang” lauds the freedom mustangs represent, noting they’re untamable and masters of their world.

The next chapter is Revolver, six tracks alluding to the chambers in a revolver. These tracks represent strife, such as “Girls Like You”. In this track, Spencer laments on cycling in and out of toxic relationships. “No New Memories” also has a similar story where Spencer finds himself nearly reliving the same day and same memories, just replaced with new actors in his relationships. These cycles of lament and bemoaning are broken in the next chapter, Pickaxe. The songs in this chapter are all about work. “Made” is about putting in the work to make relationships stronger; he sings in the chorus, “soulmates aren’t found, they’re forged”.

Life Lessons With Spencer Crandall

The fifth chapter, Desert, alludes to embarking on a journey, with the desert serving as a metaphor to trekking through rough patches and coming across oases on the way. A cover of Shania Twain‘s “You’re Still The One” is a highlight here. Also here is “Side Of The Stage”, where Spencer reflects on the importance of having people in your corner. The final chapter is Gold, referring to the value taken from life lessons. “The Getting There” depicts this value thoroughly, reminding listeners to cherish the journey.

“I strive to create songs and tell stories that impact people’s lives in a meaningful way, and to say I’ve put my entire heart into this album would be an understatement. My fans can expect the most vulnerable, energetic and authentic version of myself that I have ever put out, and I’m so honored that I get to tell these stories and share them with the world,” Spencer reflects on how he hopes his music impacts his fans. Stream Western below. Follow Spencer Crandall on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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