Songwriter Nicolle Galyon Drops Debut Album “Firstborn”

Nicolle Galyon Firstborn

It’s a happy birthday indeed for Nicolle Galyon as she releases her debut album firstborn on the start of her 38th trip around the sun! She’s written songs for some of today’s biggest artists like Miranda Lambert and Kelsea Ballerini. Now she’s setting off on her own venture, sharing her own stories and own perspective. She is releasing the album through her own female-centric label Songs & Daughters. “When I started Songs & Daughters three years ago, it gave me incredible insight and empathy to executives in the business because it was the first time I had ever really stepped into that space myself and had to make executive decisions,” Nicolle Galyon says on her label’s journey.

Nicolle Galyon’s intent behind sharing firstborn is to tell her children her story through music. “When they’re 21, 22 trying to figure out who they really are, I hope that this can be the guide for them to know where they came from. I think they like the songs now at seven and nine, but again, the music business is all about the long game. For me, the long game for this record is for them to connect with it when they’re adults,” Nicolle says of her intent.

A few of the tracks on firstborn already saw a release in 2022. “Winner” deals with the high expectations some people have placed on them. “Self Care” tackles finding ways to love yourself that aren’t as intensive as some of the methods people use today. “Boy Crazy” points out the differences in reactions to how men and women behave in certain circumstances.

Firstborn First Listens With Nicolle Galyon

“Death Bed” highlights the struggles mothers face when balancing careers and motherhood. “Five Year Plan” shows that even though you have certain prospects laid out, they can change with or without your control. “Consequences” tells listeners to be cognizant of their actions and that the love story behind the song also teaches listeners to be wary of acting when in love.

 “Creativity and storytelling has always been my way of subtly getting to become what I want to stand for. If I think that someone at 38 should put out a record, I’m just going to go put out a record. I’m not going wait for somebody else to do it,” states Nicolle Galyon on her career journey. It’s great that Nicolle can venture out on her own. It teaches her fans not to put restrictions on themselves based on what society’s imagined rules are. Stream firstborn below. Follow Nicolle Galyon on Facebook and Instagram.

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