Spencer Crandall Ponders “What Do We Do Now?” Post Break-Up

Spencer Crandall Where Now

Spencer Crandall has released an up-tempo and contemplative break-up track in “What Do We Do Now?”. Released May 13, Spencer pensively reflects on where his relationship goes with his ex post break-up. It seems like they were real close, and he seems like he wants to continue some sort of relationship. Their worlds meet frequently, so he wants to at least keep it cordial. He and his ex need to examine their relationship and find out where to go from there. Check out some of the lyrics:

So what do we, what do we, what do we do now?

And now that we know that we can’t work this out

And can we go from being in love back to friends

Or is this “I guess I’ll see you around”?

What do we, what do we, what do we do now?

Spencer Crandall is a native of Denver. He cites a wide spectrum of influences on his sound, from Kenny Chesney to Taylor Swift to Drake. After an injury derailed his college football career, he turned to singing and writing music. He moved to Nashville to pursue music and release his work independently.

His hard work is paying off! Spencer Crandall has amassed millions and millions of streams throughout several platforms. He’s had two #1 albums on the iTunes country charts. And there’s no stopping there! Stream “What Do We Do Now” below. Make sure to follow Spencer Crandall on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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