Take A Journey Through “Hell Paso” With Koe Wetzel!

Koe Wetzel Hell Paso

Koe Wetzel released his latest album Hell Paso September 16. Koe Wetzel’s mission was to make his own mark on this album. He introduces listeners to what they should expect in the first track on this album, “Welcome To Hell Paso”:

“I mean, but it’s kinda like, the end of an era kinda with… not an end of an era, but kinda just what we been doin with, you know, the last couple years.

Kinda before we do the country… Oh, are we rollin’? We good? Now that I’ve got y’alls attention, I forgot what it was I was gonna say.”

Prior to the release of Hell Paso, Koe Wetzel released two videos showing what he’s been up to leading up to the release of Hell Paso. It features cameos from Breaking Bad‘s Luis and Danny Mercado, The Office‘s David Koechner, and JackassDave England.

Hell Paso is chock full of different sounds which will please any listener and make them a Koe Wetzel fan if they’re not already. Already seen release is the single “Creeps”. This gritty track has Koe facing off with a deceiving partner and pushing her away. Also released earlier is “April Showers”. This track bemoans a declining relationship after thinking everything would work out, even after triumphing through hard times.

A new track on Hell Paso for fans to enjoy is “YellaBush Road”. Koe Wetzel sings about his rise to fame and how, not only he feels like the same person, but home feels like the same home when he left it. “Money Spent” hits with a lot of power, where Koe reflects on wasting so much time on a relationship that never worked out. “Cabo” twists Western and Latin sounds together for a fun fusion. “Three Weeks” is a tender ballad about how missing someone can feel like a lifetime. “Better Without You” is an anthem of confidence following a breakup. 

A Big Hell Yeah For Koe Wetzel And Hell Paso!

“I did what I wanted to do. This was straight up me, nobody told me to do this record. We pulled in every genre we were feeling at the time. We spent the last ten years trying to make this sound, Hell Paso has it,” Koe says about his vision. Listeners definitely get the sense of what Koe is all about. Stream Hell Paso below. Follow Koe Wetzel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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