Take a Ride On “40 East” With Erin Kinsey!

Erin Kinsey 40 East

Texas native Erin Kinsey has debuted her first EP titled 40 East. After going viral on TikTok last year with her song “Drunk Too”, Erin Kinsey has been looking forward to releasing new music. This six track EP references the stretch of highway she had to drive from her home to Nashville. “All of these songs on this project, are a reflection of my life up until now, and one of the biggest parts of my story is chasing this crazy dream of mine,” she expresses on how she found her inspiration for this release.

40 East starts off with the power punch that is “Just Drive”. As the name suggests, it’s a great driving song, focusing on the joy she gets by simply journeying with her love interest. And it’s resonating with listeners: it’s racked up over 25 million streams on combined platforms since it dropped as a single!

Another feature is “Hate This Hometown”. It’s a lamenting track about how she regrets being so eager to leave home. “I wrote this song after graduating high school a year early, moving to Nashville the day after I walked the stage, and three years later going home waaaayyyy more than I thought I would,” she notes on her Spotify bio.

“Better On Me” is a sassy break-up song. It references how her ex’s T-shirt looks better on her than on him in a way to get him regretting ending their relationship. “This Ain’t Heaven” features her strong vocal ability. She finds it hard to believe that she’s not actually in heaven when she’s in her love’s arms. “I Got You” rounds out the EP, where she sings about the comfort she finds with her partner.

40 East is a fun little look into the life of Erin Kinsey as an up-and-coming artist. With a viral TikTok sensation already under her belt, her star is certainly on the rise. Stream 40 East below, and follow Erin Kinsey on her TikTok! Also make sure to check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, of course.

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