Take A Stroll Down “Memory Lane” With Old Dominion!

Old Dominion Memory Lane

After previewing new music earlier this year, Old Dominion wrapped this year’s new music in a nice bow in their new EP Memory Lane! “Some Horses,” “Love Drunk and Happy” and “How Good Is That” join their repertoire on Memory Lane. Having won last year’s Group Of The Year Award at the ACM Awards, they say the secret to their success is their camaraderie. “We were friends long before we were a band and there was a moment where we consciously sat down and said, ‘The goal here is to be friends when it’s over,'” says Matthew Ramsay.

The first new song is “Some Horses”. They liken themselves to wild horses. It’s a pensive track about how it’s hard to tame someone so bent on being free. “We didn’t want to get all heavy and serious, but we figured we could keep doing what we do… and maybe go a little further into thinking about life,” the group says of “Some Horses”. “That’s what #SomeHorses represents for us.”

I race and I run, I keep chasin’ the sun
When I’m done, you see nothin’ but dust
I’m restless and rare with the wind in my hair
Goin’ somewhere that I never was
You were holdin’ me knowin’ I couldn’t be broken
And now you’re just holdin’ the reins
I’ll love you forever, you should have known better
Some horses can never be tamed

The mood lightens with “Love Drunk And Happy”. When times get tough, kick back by letting loose. And when it’s time to depart this world, go out the same way! “How Good Is That” is a chill feel-good song. It’s about turning that frown upside down, as they sing in the song. These three tracks are strong additions to the five songs previously released this year.

Going Down Memory Lane With Old Dominion

Returning to listeners’ ears on Memory Lane is the titular track, released back in January. “Memory Lane” is a philosophical road, reflecting on the route of life. “I Should Have Married You” is a song that says it all in the title. The longing in the track is palpable. Take a breakup with a shot of Bacardi with “Easier Said With Rum”. Clever wordplay covers the regret had over not telling someone you love them. “Ain’t Got A Worry” encapsulates the feeling of letting go of all your troubles. Ending off Memory Lane is “Freedom Like You”. It’s a track dedicated to the elation felt when in love.

“For years and years we’ve said, ‘We are Old Dominion, and that means everyone.’ That means the five of us and the crew and our fans. And that has been our goal from the get-go: how do we make this a feeling and not five people?” continues Matthew Ramsay. “I feel like [we’re] finally getting there.” If Memory Lane tells us anything, they are certainly there and going even farther. Stream Memory Lane below. Follow Old Dominion on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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