Tenille Townes Won’t Hide Behind The “Masquerades”

Tenille Townes Masquerades

In her latest EP Masquerades, Tenille Townes bare her soul with nothing to hide. “Setting down my masquerade over the past little while has been liberating, terrifying, disorienting, and empowering all at the same time,” says Tenille on her inspiration behind titling this EP. The Alberta, Canada native released seven tracks on this effort, all dealing with different facets of her life she’s sharing with her fans.

The leading track of this effort is “When You Need It”, which features Wrabel. This song is a sweet track dedicated to the powers of friendship. It’s then followed by “When’s It Gonna Happen”. Released earlier this year, Tenille ruminates on when her shot at love will happen.

Sometimes i feel like i’m the last one standin’

I look around and all my friends are fallin’ in love

I’m scared to death i’ll end up empty handed

Can’t be the only one

Thinking when’s it gonna happen, happen to me

Another strong duet on the EP is “Shared Walls”, done in effort with BRELAND. It’s a sad break-up song, where the two lament how well they know each other after living together, even after parting ways. “Villain In Me” tackles mental health and copes with personal struggles. “The Sound Of Being Alone” is another break-up song, emphasizing the loneliness separation can bring on. Each song Tenille shares explores what it’s like to be vulnerable, and she doesn’t need to masquerade these feelings anymore.

“I really do think that we are beautiful complexities underneath everything we hide behind,” reflects Tenille on the sentiment of this EP. Stream Masquerades below! Make sure to follow Tenille Townes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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