Tiera Kennedy Seeks Love In “Found It In You”

Tiera Kennedy Found It In You

Tiera Kennedy is a name country music fans should keep an eye on, and “Found It In You”, her latest single is one fans will love instantly. Tiera Kennedy draws in listeners with her crystal clear vocals that have these magic powers to lull her audience. It’s the perfect song for Tiera’s country radio debut. The Alabama native is already making waves in the country music scene. She received accolades from CMT and Pandora. She hosts The Tiera Show with Apple Music Country. Now she’s making a splash with her own music.

“It was a song that had all the things I think my music is made of, in terms of melody, lyric, story – and I was excited we were able to put out an early version. But now, after my wedding and getting some momentum, I’m thrilled to share the great big production version we made after having Dann Huff join us in the studio,” Tiera says of the process coming up with the song. It’s a peppy and upbeat track about the elation when finding love. With that recent wedding, the growth of love emphasizes further.

It’s Tiera Kennedy’s World, And We’re All Just Living In It

But I-I-I found it in you
Every little thin’ that I was missin’, baby
You love me a whole different kind of crazy
You got to the heart of me, boy, the best part of me
I-I-I found it in you
The confidence to know that I can be happy
Just ’cause you tell me that you got me
All that I was lookin’ for, I ain’t gotta look no more
I-I-I found it in you, you
I found it in you
I found it in you
I found it in you

Tiera’s star is about to shine brighter, and it’s only going to rise from there! Her vocals are so pure that it’s entrancing. Listen to Tiera Kennedy on Apple Music Country’s The Tiera Show here. Follow Tiera Kennedy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stream “Found It In You” below.

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