Tigirlily Gold Embrace The “Blonde” In Latest EP

Tigirlily Gold Blonde

Sister duo Tigirlily Gold dropped their latest EP Blonde June 23. Formed from sisters Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, Tigirlily Gold has started to see success flow their way, especially following the release of their single “Shoot Tequila”. With Blonde, the sisters want to tell various stories wrapped in a neat four-song package.  “Blonde is a state of mind. The song/EP is all about channeling that inner confidence, staying true to your story, being able to poke fun at yourself and having fun along the way,” Kendra says

The title track “Blonde” is dedicated to all the blonde girls out there. It’s a fun track encapsulating what it’s like to be blonde and the life associated. You also don’t necessarily have to be naturally blonde. Once you embrace it,  you become it. Just like they cite how the natural brunette Norma Jean Mortenson dyed her hair, transforming her into Marilyn Monroe.

You can’t buy happiness
But you can buy hair like these
It’s a Dolly Parton state of mind
It’s Marilyn leavin Norma Jean behind
From dirty to platinum
We’re just trying to have some fun
When we’re feeling
Low, we highlightin up
Everyday’s a good day when you’re wakin up
Ugh blonde
Oo-oo oo-oo yeah
So blonde

Tigirlily Gold Stays Gold With Blonde

Following that is “Hometown Song”. “Hometown Song” is about having conflicting feelings about where they grew up. They share how excited they were to leave, but they are still reflective and pensive about the lessons they learned their and the experiences they lived. Up next is “Move On”. This one encourages a love interest to make the move and take the next step in a relationship. Wrapping up this EP is the previously-released “Shoot Tequila”. With a name like that, it’s obvious that this one is a party anthem. With over 40 million streams across various platforms, it obviously resonates with the party animal in all of us.

“The Blonde EP is the first chapter of this whole project. We are very excited to start giving people a taste of what the whole record will be like with these four songs!” Krista says of the duo’s latest release. Stream Blonde below. Follow Tigirlily Gold on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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