Tourmates Logan Mize And Grace Leer Share “Nothing With You”

Logan Mize Grace Leer Nothing With You

Logan Mize and Grace Leer have joined forces not only for a tour, but on the single “Nothing With You”. Released today, the two are excited to tour together after recording this new song. Logan shared his excitement to have Grace join him for this venture. “Having Grace on ‘Nothing With You’ gave it the mojo it needed! I think yer gonna dig it,” states Logan. Grace also shared her thrill on working with Logan, noting that she’s a long-time fan of Logan’s.

“Nothing With You” reflects on somber moments after a break-up. Sure, you can do anything without whomever you broke up with. It’s the little stuff that helped bonded you as a couple is what will be missed.

It’s the midnight

Head on my shoulder in the TV light

Counting the miles on a long drive

Listenin’ to one song a million times

Changin’ all the lines

You and I

Doin’ dishes in the kitchen and your hand touches mine

Sleeping in late while the sun shines

Staying there all afternoon

Hey, I miss doin’ nothing with you

“Nothing With You” is a cute song that will make you think more of the little moments you’d share with a partner. Logan Mize and Grace Leer complement each other wonderfully to hammer home the message. They have done an excellent job! Stream “Nothing With You” below! Follow Logan Mize on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; make sure to follow Grace Leer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!

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