Tyler Childers Previews New Album And Concept With Single “Angel Band”

Tyler Childers Angel Band

In conjunction with the announcement of his next album, Tyler Childers released the first single off this new release, “Angel Band”. Tyler Childers revealed there will be three versions of this new album, titled Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven. One version, the “Hallelujah” version, will simply be Tyler and his band playing. The second version, the “Jubilee” version, will add more strings, horns, and additional instrumentation. Being kept a secret for release day is the “Joyful Noise” version. Part of this new album tease is the release of “Angel Band” in the Hallelujah and Jubilee versions.

Tyler Childers drew on his faith as inspiration for his new album and the concepts behind it. “I grew up Baptist and I was scared to death to go to hell. And a lot of that stuck with me. Filtering through that and trying to find the truth, and the beauty, and the things you should think about and expelling all that nonsense has been something I’ve spent a lot of time on,” he says. “Angel Band” accomplishes just that”. It tells the story of someone arriving to heaven and reveling in the jubilation there. Tyler Childers sings of seeing all kinds of people in paradise.

Hallelujah, jubilee
I can hear the angel band
I was blind but now I see
And I’ll jump right in amongst them
When I reach the glory land

“Message wise, I hope that people take that it doesn’t matter race, creed, religion and all of that like — the most important part is to protect your heart, cultivate that and make that something useful for the world,” concludes Tyler. Stream the first two versions of “Angel Band” below. Follow Tyler Childers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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