Viral Success Bailey Zimmerman Releases Debut EP “Leave The Light On”

Bailey Zimmerman Leave The Light On

The much-anticipated debut EP from rising star Bailey Zimmerman, Leave The Light On, dropped October 14. After working hard labor jobs like in a meat-packing plant and on a gas pipeline, Bailey Zimmerman transitioned his career sights on music. He says of his struggles:

“I strung pipe on the pipeline. I built gas pipelines, you know, all over America. I’d done that since I was 18 and got laid off, and I was just a dumb young kid that spent all his money and I only had 1200 bucks to my name. My mom actually paid my truck payments until we started getting the streaming money which, I never looked back from day one though. I knew I only had 1200 bucks but I knew I was gonna make it work somehow, some way.”

Bailey Zimmerman started sharing his music on TikTok and released his first single, “Never Comin’ Home”, January 2021. Such a viral success has culminated into the release of his first EP.

You have to have heard the starmaking single from Leave The Light On, “Fall In Love”. It is currently the 9th most streamed country song this year. The track has accumulated over 300 million streams across several platforms. The track even has crossover success on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, sitting in the top 30. With the pain associated with the cessation of such a strong love connection, it’s no wonder this song has mass appeal.

Leave The Light On And Turn The Volume Up!

Also seeing chart success is the track “Rock And A Hard Place”, hitting the top 10 in the Billboard Hot Country charts. “This song has changed my life, thank you to everyone that’s listened,” he captioned a video featuring him lip-syncing the song. “Where It Ends” also saw a top 10 placing in the charts. “Never Leave” also appears on the EP after Bailey teased the demo of the track on his social medias. “I was in a pretty weird part of a relationship at the time, and just wanted to write something that expressed how I felt about the situation,” he says of “Never Leave”.

Other tracks appearing on Leave The Light On include “House On Fire”. It’s a great storytelling song with the message of trying to let go of the past to focus on the present. The convenient “From The Fall” has the coziness an autumn’s day entails. “Trainwreck” details the emotions of breakups and the struggle to curtail those emotions. 

Where Bailey Zimmerman Credits His Success

Country music will always have a place in Bailey Zimmerman’s heart. “My dad owned a trucking business and would haul cars across the United States. We would get up at 3 a.m. and do these drives, and he would always have country music playing. One of the big country songs when I was growing up was Craig Morgan’s ‘Wake Up Lovin’ You.’ My dad loved that song and would turn it up any time it came on,” he says. Bailey will definitely continue to carry the flag of country music for years to come. Stream Leave The Light On below. Follow Bailey Zimmerman on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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