Wellness Wednesdays With Patrick – Week 1: Balancing Act


Recently, I started a new journey in choosing a new career path. I love exercising. Whether it’s runner’s high or the satisfaction of lifting large weights, exercise gives me such a rush of endorphins it instantly boosts my mood. So I figured I needed to start doing what I love for a living.

I also figured why not share what I’ve learned with the Nash In Tune audience?! It may not be one-on-one, in-person training like I’d love to be doing, but if I can help at least one person gain interest in exercise this way, I’ll be happy. That’s where Wellness Wednesdays With Patrick starts. I’ll try to bring you exercise tips and tricks to help get you through quarantine and beyond.

Challenge Your Balance

The first subject I’d like to cover is challenging your balance. Balance is important to movement in general. By training your balance, you’ll increase your limit of stability through creating controlled instability.

If you’re balance normally isn’t very good – and I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a total klutz – start off with simple stabilization exercises like lifting one leg and holding it for as long as you can. Once you get a hang of that, try swinging one leg to the front, back, and side. Engage the muscles of the core and glutes, that will help you stabilize more. When you’re swinging your legs, make sure you control your movement, don’t haphazardly swing your legs as that will throw you off balance.


Once you’re able to stabilize your balance, it’s time to move on to some exercises. Let’s start with a single leg squat. Lift one leg and use the other leg to squat down. Make sure you contract your core and glutes for balance, keep your weight toward the back of the heel, and keep your torso in line with your shins. It’s an awkward movement at first, so you shouldn’t try to perform this like you would when using two legs. Go as low as you comfortably can until you get the hang of it.

Other exercises you can perform include:

  • Single-leg deadlift (Note: Make sure you don’t hunch over. Keep your spine straight. Find a way you can see your reflection to make sure your back stays straight)
  • Single-leg calf raises
  • Single-leg forward lunge (front leg lifts, back leg stays planted)
  • Single-leg backward lunge (back leg lifts, front leg stays planted)
  • Single-leg curtsy lunge (front leg stays planted, lift back leg once you bring it back to the front as pictured below)
  • Single-leg box hops (Tip: You probably don’t have a box, so you can use any raised platform. I use my ottoman like below. Know your limits. If an ottoman is too high, use a couch cushion. For even more caution, don’t include height at all, just hop in the air with one leg and land softly while keeping your lifted leg raised.

If you’re ready for increasing the difficulty, add light weights. Please, please, please start light at first as you might lose control easily! You can also alter your environment by balancing on a couch pillow, beam, or anything you can find that can challenge your balance. Any questions please feel free to reach out!

Check back next week for another installment of Wellness Wednesdays With Patrick!

Disclaimer: Always consult a physician before starting an exercise routine. Nash In Tune is not responsible for any injuries. Stay smart and stay safe!

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