Whitney Fenimore’s Incredible New Release “It’s Not Me”

Whitney Fenimore's Across The Pond "Holding Hands" Collaboration
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Whitney Fenimore’s incredible new release “It’s Not Me” (Acoustic) is the type of lyricism one would expect from artists such as Taylor Swift and Lori McKenna, but to Fenimore’s fans it’s no surprise this song came from her. Poetically describing a girl’s resolute decision to emancipate herself from neglectful love, Fenimore’s latest release promises to resonate deeply with fans worldwide.

“It’s Not Me” (Acoustic) showcases Whitney Fenimore’s exceptional musical talent, powerful vocals, and innate ability to connect with her audience on a profound level. Any kind of bad relationship is bound to take its toll, but with songs like this one, it allows for listeners to take a journey of healing and escaping from that situation.  

“It’s Not Me” (Acoustic) was released on July 28, 2023, and was written by herself and Nick Kingswell. Kingswell and Fenimore met through her producer, and after that the two were able to meet over Zoom. Kingswell is based in England, but this did not stop the pair from being able to cohesively write the song.

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“When we started to write I had a bit of a chorus melody and some chords.  We started talking about life and recent events.  We ended up writing about both of our experiences with narcissists essentially,” Whitney stated, talking about their Zoom call. “We both had a shared experience of dealing with someone who honestly never really cared about us.  So we wrote from that place.  Even though the song felt sad, we wanted it to also be hopeful, like we were finally owning our self worth, regardless of someone else’s assessment of our lives.

As a result, this song was born and released to the world, with more music to come from Fenimore (and perhaps a guest) very soon, according to the singer.

“I’m proud of the music I’ve been putting out lately,” Fenimore exclaimed. “It feels like the most honest stuff that I have put out to date.  It’s hard being fully transparent sometimes, but I feel like that’s when people really connect the most.”

The Tulsa, Oklahoma born singer has been writing songs since she was around thirteen years old, leading up to now. Fenimore has opened for notable artists such as Lori McKenna, who also just so happens to be her biggest role model in the industry. She was also a contestant on season 13 of NBC’s “The Voice,” where she states that she “got to live the dream for about 6 months and made some incredible friendships that I will keep for life.”

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Whitney Fenimore’s Across The Pond “Holding Hands” Collaboration

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