Willie Jones Gives Listeners “Something To Dance To” – And More!

Willie Jones Something To Dance To

Willie Jones dropped the follow-up to his debut album and his first major label album on June 16, Something To Dance To. In the wake of his 2018 smash “Bachelorettes On Broadway” and 2021’s Right Now, Willie crafts a signature sound, fusing several genres together to compliment his warm and robust voice. “The album dissects all of me: the turnt up Willie Jones, broken hearted, being a little irresponsible, bringing the party, or just realizing that all of this is a temporary moment in time and I’m growing and hopefully learning,” Willie says of what he’s put in to Something To Dance To. And he’s put so much more than just things to dance to in this effort!

Prior to the release of Something To Dance To, Willie Jones gave fans a behind-the scenes peek at the making of the album at the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville. During this preview, Willie shared everything he put in to this new album, from the songwriting process to the production aspect. From his Louisiana upbringing, to gravitating to country and hip-hop sounds as a teenager, Willie brings copious elements together to craft a unique sound, as well as what’s guaranteed to bring a bright future.

Something To Dance To, Everything To Enjoy

Starting off Something To Dance To is “Down By The Riverside” Willie’s 2021 release. This track is a bit of an introductory track, highlighting Willie’s proclivity to fuse country, rock, and hip-hop sounds. It’s definitely something to dance to! “I Can’t Complain” shares Willie’s focus on living life at his own pace with his love by his side. “Lil Vibe” is a total vibe – its got an easygoing, beachy vibe which’ll make you want to crack open a cold one by a body of water.

One of the highlights is “Easy”. Just as the title suggests, this track is a relaxed one about how Willie strives to take it, well, easy, despite the world pushing back. Also really fun is “Slow Cookin’”. This song is a fun play on Hank Williams’ “Hey Good Looking” with a hot hip-hop beat about the joys of home told through good food. That sentiment continues in “Soul Food”, where he sings about how his girl feels like home. Don’t forget the titular track, “Something To Dance To”. This one’s all about letting go of all the stresses of life.

Something to dance to (to dance to)
Whatever makes you move (makes you move)
Find the groove in a song (song)
Lose yourself and get gone (get gone)
Grab somebody, let lose
We all need something to dance to
We all need something to dance to

Willie Jones, Turning Up The Future Of Country Music!

Something To Dance To is Willie’s major label debut, having been released via Sony Nashville. Stream Something To Dance To below! Make sure to follow Willie Jones on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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