YouTube Star’s New Kip Moore Reaction Video Is Priceless

Kip Moore Reaction

YouTube star, BillyYouSoCrazy, known for his upbeat reaction videos to music and comedy, recently did a Kip Moore reaction to Wild World (In The Wild Sessions) music video. I can confidently say he likes the video, but loves the background vocalist one thousand times more.

After almost a minute of not knowing how BillyYouSoCrazy will react, his first comment is “the background vocals… first of all, she’s gorgeous. She’s so gorgeous, she sounds great, but she is killing it right now.”

Then he adds, “see this song right here.. it’s showing how important it is to listen to the wisdom that your parents, grandparents, even our seniors want to instill in you. He’s dropping gems right now.”

By the end of the music video BillyYouSoCrazy is infatuated with the background vocalist and starts excitedly dancing in his chair. Watch the Kip Moore reaction video and wait until the end!

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