Zach Bryan Shares Surprise EP “Summertime Blues”

Zach Bryan Summertime Blues

Zach Bryan surprised his rabid fanbase with a new release, his EP Summertime Blues. Fresh off the success of his smash album American Heartbreak, Zach Bryan has nine new tracks in addition to the whopping 34 he released on his last album. “Writing isn’t a task for me, it’s what makes me happy. I’m blessed enough that people enjoy my stuff, so I can do it all the time. I don’t take that for granted,” Zach says of his output. Zach has such a dedicated fanbase, and with Summertime Blues, he feeds his fans what they want with stories about daily life and the trials and tribulations it entails.

The titular “Summertime Blues” shows the other side of other stereotypical upbeat songs that romanticize summer. Anyone who feels the throes of the dog days of summer will empathize with the feelings of sadness even the sunshine elicits. “Quittin’ Time” details the struggles of the working man grinding throughout the day. He tackles the struggles of a failing relationship with “All The Time”. “Twenty So” deals with the passage of time and getting older. It’s not all struggles on Summertime Blues. “Motorcycle Drive By” is dedicated to life on the road and the vagabond lifestyle touring evokes.

Summertime Blues isn’t the only effort Zach Bryan has in store for fans this year. He’s working on another EP dedicated for those in the armed forces. “Took me a hell of a lot longer to write some veteran songs than anticipated, because of how fragile of a subject it is to so many people,” Zach says of this upcoming project. “Getting out of the Navy was a bittersweet ordeal for me, and I’m coming to grips with it as of lately.”

We’re looking forward to see what this next release has in store! In the meantime, stream Summertime Blues below. Follow Zach Bryan on Instagram and Twitter.

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