Kelsey Waldon Traverses Life With “Sweet Little Girl”

Ahead of the release of her album No Regular Dog, Kelsey Waldon shared “Sweet Little Girl”, her first single off the coming album. A native of rural Kentucky, she started learning guitar at age 13 as a way of coping with her parents’ divorce. Following high school, she moved to Nashville and started cutting her … Continued

Dylan Scott, Jimmie Allen Team Up For “In Our Blood”

Dylan Scott and Jimmie Allen have joined forces to bring us “In Our Blood”, a powerful message of unity. The single is due to appear on Dylan’s latest album Livin’ My Best Life. The power and gravity of “In Our Blood” appealed instantly to Dylan. “From the moment I heard this song, I was in love … Continued

Midland Sends Fans Well-Wishes In “The Last Resort: Greetings From”

Trio Midland have released their third studio album The Last Resort: Greetings From. Featuring five songs from last year’s The Last Resort EP, the seven songs added to this repertoire weave tales of heartache, joy, and lament. “I really feel like it’s our best, most mature-sounding record,” bassist and vocalist Cameron Duddy says about working on … Continued

Kane Brown Shares His Passions On “Like I Love Country Music”

Kane Brown has released his latest single “Like I Love Country Music” on May 6th. This dedication to country music rocks hard and has a fun swing to it. Kane pays homage to the acts and songs that have shaped who he is as an artist and a person. The song has a bit of … Continued

Ryan Griffin Serves Summer Vibes With “Slow Down Sunrise”

Ryan Griffin has released his latest EP Slow Down Sunrise just in time for summer! This EP contains five of the beachiest tracks ready for fans to listen to seaside. The tracks on Slow Down Sunrise epitomize what Ryan Griffin is about as an artist and a person: laidback and easygoing. “You’ve got to hustle, … Continued

Dolly Parton Officially Elected To Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!

It’s been quite the interesting ride, but Dolly Parton has been elected into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame! It’s been quite a journey to this point. She was announced as a nominee for election on February 2nd. On March 14th, she bowed out of contention, citing that she didn’t feel she qualified enough … Continued

Lindsay Ell Says To Go At Your Own Pace In “Right On Time”

Lindsay Ell has had quite the busy 2022, so it’s awesome she had the time to share her latest release “Right On Time”. This song is one anyone, and especially any woman, can relate to when reacting to the pressures and influences of the world around them. “I think women spend a lot of time feeling … Continued

Chris Janson Goes “All In”!

Chris Janson is going all in with the release of his fourth album called, well, All In! Chris has taken on more responsibilities with the production of the album. Being involved in producing is something Chris cherishes about the work he put in. “When you’re really hands on with it, I’ve noticed for myself personally, I’m … Continued

Not Afraid To Lose It All, Ross Flora Releases “Cannonball”

Ross Flora released his first solo single “Cannonball” on April 8th, and fans of Southern rock will go wild for his new track! Ross’ musical influences come from all sides of the dice. From R&B to bluegrass to classic rock, Ross aims to intertwine different styles together to make his unique sound. Combine that with his powerhouse voice and you … Continued

Brenda Cay Chooses Between “Love Or Dreams” In Latest Music Video

Brenda Cay has released the music video for her song “Love Or Dreams”. As the title states, the track deals with the struggles between pursuing love and pursuing dreams. It features Brenda with her love as a vignette of their past. Memories like this highlight Brenda’s need to move on and find life’s purpose. The … Continued

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