Wellness Wednesday With Patrick #5: Squats and Prayers

Squats are my favorite exercise. I feel powerful whenever I’m able to move more than my body weight. Plus, you have so many muscles moving in sync with each other. You’ll get a good leg, glute, and core workout with some decent squats. With several muscles working together, there’s a high risk for injury. I’ve … Continued

Strap In Your “BOOTS” With HARDY’s Latest Single!

HARDY’s first release of the new year is the rockin’ single “BOOTS”. He’s had a lot of influence from classic rock over the years, and “BOOTS” is another addition to his country-rock fusion back catalogue. It’s a hard-hitting breakup song about knowing that he’s ready to move on from a disastrous relationship; he’s keeping them … Continued

Wellness Wednesday With Patrick – Week 4: Take It On Back

Like I said in last week’s blog, it is important to work out your lower back when you’re working on the core. It’s often overlooked and also injured. Injury varies when it comes to how it occurs. It could either be overcompensating on certain exercises like squats or by only concentrating on abs when working … Continued

Lena Stone Reigns Supreme With New Princess EP

Massachusetts native singer-songwriter Lena Stone released her EP Princess on April 24th. It’s a collection of some of the most recent singles she’s released as well as the title track “Princess”. This EP starts out strong with its playful “Kids These Days”, a 2019 release about holding on to youth. Also featured is a tender … Continued

Garrett Jacobs Reminisces With “Young Love”

Rising young country artist Garrett Jacobs released his second single of the year “Young Love” Friday, April 24th. The Louisiana native has been busy since he moved to Nashville in 2018. He’s playing in writer’s rounds, performed at Whiskey Jam, and signing management deals. Garrett steadily released singles the past two years. “Young Love” is … Continued

4 Easy TikTok Recipes Worth Trying

As I sit at home on who knows what day of quarantine, I find myself downloading the app, TikTok. My “For You” page had thankfully been filled with lots of people my age in the same mindset that we are too old for this app, but it is a great way to pass time. I … Continued

Rachel Wammack Aims to Inspire with “When I Say Amen”

Artists have been cranking out new music to inspire the masses and get us through these trying times. Rachel Wammack does just that with her newest single “When I Say Amen”, released today. It’s a song that draws strength and motivation to move on during struggles. The comforting and moving masterpiece will encourage anyone to … Continued

Aly Cutter Finds Herself in New Single “Not over You”

Nashville based artist, Aly Cutter, releases an emotionally driven single about the struggle to free herself from feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Aly Cutter , from Lakeland, Florida, releases her new powerful single this Friday titled “Not Over You”. “Not over You” is a reflective piece of Aly’s previous toxic relationship, where she could not … Continued

Carly Pearce & Lee Brice Had a Fun Surprise This Morning

This morning, Carly Pearce and Lee Brice were joined by their teams to celebrate “I Hope You’re Happy Now” going gold! The original Zoom call was thought to be a virtual celebration for the single to be in the top 10 country song chart. Carly and Lee want to hang out and “cheers” with the … Continued

Recapping Episode 5 of Penned Up

Penned Up keeps rolling out fresh tracks into its fifth week! Matt Stell’s Instagram Live show took place live Wednesday night with its three usuals, Matt, Lindsay Ell, Jameson Rodgers, plus new guest Adam Doleac. Matt’s been keeping busy; when he’s not writing, he’s working on his new motorcycle. He shared a song he wrote … Continued

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