Enjoy Grilling Season – Order Delivery From These Nashville Restaurants

grilling season delivery

As the weather gets warmer, it really has me craving some barbecue, both traditional smoked meats and burgers and dogs! However, COVID-19 has, of course, added quite a twist to fulfilling this craving! Many apartment complexes have closed their amenities, including their grills. The people that are lucky enough to have their own grill might be having issues finding meat to cook, so after some research here are some suggestions to try and help everyone out! Order grilling season delivery tonight!

Burgers & Hot Dogs

grilling season delivery

Daddy’s Dogs – If you haven’t had a Daddy’s dog (and you are not vegan or vegetarian) than you must not have lived in Nashville very long! Back when we could leave our homes this was the perfect late night staple, tasty meal to grab at Pins, or perfect spot to stop while in Printer’s Alley. They do have one more location, which is the Flagship shop in the Nations, where they are currently offering carry out. For those who are new to Daddy’s Dogs these aren’t your typical pool side or baseball game hot dog. Daddy’s Dogs really focuses on size. They also pay a lot of attention to making sure they are using quality products to get a snap and offering a variety of tasty toppings. Also, while you are on their website, be sure to checkout their gear for some laughs and maybe pick up something you didn’t know you needed in your life! Order here

grilling season delivery

I Dream of Weenie – For those familiar with East Nashville you have seen the Volkswagen Bus converted into a take it to go style restaurant. Where they usually do have a few picnic tables around, those of course, are currently off limits, but the way they are set up is like what they’ve been preparing for to go orders only since they opened! The hot dogs served up here have a twist of fun toppings, they even offer brunch style dogs, like ones topped with hashbrown casserole or eggs Benedict! The flavor combinations you’ll find here are pretty unique, but always impressive to the taste buds! Order here

grilling season delivery

M.L. Rose – Before I say anything else I would be doing everyone a disservice if I did not start off by saying do not leave M.L. Rose without an order of sweet potato waffle fries! Now back to what we are here to talk about – BURGERS! The burgers at M.L. Rose are well seasoned and flavorful, and they also have a few different types from a basic cheese burger to some more unique flavor combinations. It should also be mentioned that they are not just known for their burgers, but their beer selections, so order a growler to go to really amplify the burger taste and compliment those perfect sweet potato waffle fries! Order here

Hugh Baby’s – Hugh Baby’s is serving up a classic burger. Do not mistake the word classic for thinking it will be lacking in taste, because the reason they focus on a classic burger is because they perfected it! These juicy burgers are just what you need to fill that craving! The menu sticks to all the things you hope to find at a burger, fries, and shakes! They do offer a few additional items like pulled pork and vegetable burgers as well, but the menu is pretty straight forward so you will not be overwhelmed with choices, and cannot go wrong with anything here! Order here

Drake’s Cool Springs – This being the Williamson County location for the University of Georgia watch parties means I have stopped in here a few times last football season, and I am always impressed by the food! The menu has a lot of variety, including burgers! They offer mini burgers, patty melts, veggie burgers, and some twist on burger toppings like beer cheese! If someone in your family is not craving grilled food, they also have awesome sushi, which makes this a versatile place to grab a burger from! They also have six packs of beer and bottles of wine to go! Menu here


Cook Out – I realize I could have an entire list talking about which fast food places are open, but you have heard of and grown up with most of those. However, some people are sleeping on Southern food chain and need to wake up! Cook Out is great it offers tasty food, at a low price, and the portion sizes are massive! For around $5 you can get a Cook Out try which includes your beverage (Cheerwine floats are included and shakes are about $1 more), main dish, and two sides. The sides, however, are like at most restaurants! At Cook Out, sides include items like quesadillas, chicken nuggets, and corndogs along side the classic such as fries or onion rings. The main dish includes burgers, hot dogs, and barbecue sandwiches which is why I have included them on this barbecue list! When money may be tight at the moment, this is a budget friendly option. If you find some extra spare change look into getting a shake! Menu here

Classic Barbecue

Martins – People that have been in Nashville for a while know that Martin’s is always a contender when the argument of who has the best barbecue in Nashville is mentioned, and with good reason they have great barbecue. The ribs are fall off the bone, the sauces are delicious, and all the meats are perfectly smoked! If you go here add an order of deviled eggs to-go with your meal, and you won’t regret it. At this time the downtown location on 4th ave is closed, but all others remain open! They also have the option to get a family pack to go, so if you are sharing or really want some leftovers this is an awesome option! Order here

grilling season delivery

Honey Fire – When you pull into the shopping center at One Bellevue Place you probably are not expecting to find great barbecue, but you would be mistaken! To start, the sausage from here will blow your mind! It is perfectly smoked and then covered in sauce and caramelized to perfection! They also offer fantastic brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and ribs! The white queso mac and cheese perfectly compliments any of the barbecue options! They are also offering family packs in different sizes, including a pack to feed up to 10 people, which is the larger number of people the CDC and WHO recommend being around currently. You can also get some smoked chicken wings in large quantities – up to 100! Be sure to take a peek at there beer to go offerings as well. Order here

grilling season delivery

Voodoo Smokehouse – Lebanon, Tennessee is a small town, with mainly chain restaurants in the area, but there is a hidden gem here called Voodoo Smokehouse that will blow you away! Voodoo smoke house has a unique twist on traditional barbecue, which is they added Caribbean flare! If they have it get the mango salsa and add it to EVERYTHING! It is great on top of their pulled pork tater tot nachos which they call sand dollar nachos! ** to be noted the mango salsa does not traditionally come on the nachos, so you have to ask for it ** They also have the classics like ribs, smoked chicken, and pulled pork, but with their Caribbean flare added to them. When looking at their social media it looks like they may sell out quickly each day, so make sure to get your orders in early! Like the other great barbecue joints, they offer beer to go! Menu here

TN Smoke House – If you own a smoker, the food from TN smoke house will make you wish that you didn’t, because they accomplish something that many cannot when it comes to smoking meats! Where they usually are more of a catering based company based out of Murfreesboro, that offers weekly meat sales, and always is uploading drool inducing photos on Instagram. *seriously look at that* But when COVID-19 has turned all our world upside down, that has adjusted their set up for few more options. Those options include prepared meats delivered and occasional offerings like the heaven sent brisket grilled cheese! All the items that they offer are already cooked, so if you don’t have a smoker of your own this is the ideal situation! Check their Instagram to see any daily specials, but try not to drool too much on to your phone screen. To order you can DM or text the number on their Instagram

The Meats

Let’s say you have a barbecue and/or a smoker, and some talent with outdoor cooking but you are having trouble finding meats, since everything is flying off the shelves at the grocery stores. Well, here are some answers to your problem:

Porter Road Nashville Butcher – Porter Road sources their meats from Tennessee and Kentucky and can be ordered online for delivery anywhere in the continental United States. But since we are lucky enough to be one of the states they source meat from, you can get curbside pickup at their location in East Nashville! The inventory between the website and shop may differ some, so if you have some items in mind you want to pick up give them a call or if you want some suggestions based on what they have in stock they can help you out over the phone. You can place your order for day of pick up or for a pick up later in the week. They also update their Instagram stories daily to show some items to add on to your meat order. For information about local pick up look here and for delivery click here

The Nashville Farmers Market – Where plenty of people have visited the Nashville farmers market back before the “Stay at Home” order, you haven’t seen it like it’s current set up! Every Saturday they are having a drive thru market from 9 am until 12 pm. Make sure to place your orders in advance to make things easy or come with a shopping list because you cannot leave your vehicle and will be driving up to each booth (it is highly encouraged to place orders in advance)! The entire process is contact free, so no scary grocery trips that involve racing someone to grab the last package of ground beef! Many local framers, butchers, and other specialty companies you usually find at the farmers market are participating! This can be your one stop shop. They feature different vendors that will be included that week on their Instagram story, as well as a list on their website. You will contact the places that have the items you want to place your order. For all contact information and more details about how the drive thru market works look here

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